Sawyer's Winter the Dolphin Necklace from Dolphin Tale


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Are you an Offishial fan of the Dolphin Tale movies? Get ready to rescue, rehab and release marine animals just like Sawyer with this Dolphin Tale Winter the Dolphin Prop Necklace! Crafted out of durable bone, this necklace mimics the dolphin piece Sawyer wore in Dolphin Tale! Whether it's a special gift for your daughter, son, niece or nephew, this necklace will grab everyone's attention. Best of all, 100% of the proceeds from your purchase goes directly to supporting our mission of Rescue, Rehabilitation and Release of marine life, and the long-term care of our resident animals. 


  • Color: White
  • Material: Bone
  • Width: 3.50"
  • Height: 3.50"
  • Weight: 1.00 oz.
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14 Reviews

Melissa 31st May 2018

Winter necklace

Ever since I seen dolphin tale and fell in love with winter and I seen the necklace that hazels dad made for sawyer I fell in love with it and I’m so happy to be able to have one like it. It came super fast and I absolutely love it it’s really beautiful I never take it off.

Joi, MI, USA 22nd Apr 2016

Love it!

I love this necklace. I wear it everyday. Great for any Winter/Dolphin tale fans! I visited the CMA about three weeks ago and I loved it. I love how proceeds go back to the aquarium and hospital so I buy from this site often ☺️

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