Dolphin Tale Movie Action Figure Playset

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Dive into the Dolphin Tale movie set with this 6-piece Dolphin Tale Action Figure Playset! Rescue, Rehab and train Winter the dolphin in the rescue pool with Sawyer and Hazel! Be sure to make a splash with Winter by throwing the beach ball and lounging on the floating raft! Best of all, 100% of the proceeds from your purchase goes directly to supporting our mission of Rescue, Rehabilitation and Release of marine life, and the long-term care of our resident animals!


  • Pieces: 6
  • Material: Plastic
  • Weight: 25.00 oz.
  • Warnings: This product is made for kids ages 3 and up



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1 Review

25th Nov 2015

fun for play time or bath time

Great set. My 5 year old daughter has enjoyed playing with it. The pool holds water without leaking. And the mat floats nicely. She likes all three of the figurines. Her only complaint is that the dolphin is too heavy to float on the mat, it is hard to get her to balance & when you do, she sinks the mat. A lighter weight dolphin would make this a 5 star for sure. We do like the versatility, she sometimes brings it in the bath tub with her as well. Would love to see a Rufus or hope add on become available for purchase.

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