Dolphin Tale 2 "Brave Souls" Song Download

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Grab the iPod or MP3 and get ready to feel inspired! Capture the essence of the human spirit with "Brave Souls" by Cozi Zuehldorff, also known as "Hazel" in the Dolphin Tale Movies. This “Brave Souls” song download is written and performed by Cozi Zuehlsdorff and represents the overall inspiring message of Dolphin Tale 2. Don't miss your chance to feel brave, courageous and up-lifted! 

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1 Review

Jim Gore 27th Feb 2015

Brave Souls is Amazing Cozi has a powerful voice and is an amazing singer and actress.

Amazing song to an amazing movie !!! Dolphin Tale 2is a must see and Brave Souls is a must listen too. My kids met Cozi at CMA and she is a humble down to earth person and was awesome with the kids .

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