Dolphin Tale 2 Blu-ray Combo & Winter, The Dolphin That Can DVD Trio Pack

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Enjoy this Blu-Ray and DVD trio pack that includes Dolphin Tale 2 DVD and Blu-Ray, and a bonus documentary of Winter's real-life story, Winter, the Dolphin That Can. 

Dolphin Tale 2 is the sequel to the inspiring story of Winter's rescue and rehabilitation, Dolphin Tale. Inspired by true events, Winter’s surrogate mother, the very elderly dolphin Panama, has passed away, leaving Winter without the only poolmate she has ever known. However, the loss of Panama may have even greater repercussions for Winter, who, according to USDA regulations, cannot be housed alone, as dolphins’ social behavior requires them to be paired with other dolphins. Time is running out to find a companion for her before the team at Clearwater loses their beloved Winter to another aquarium.

Winter, The Dolphin That Can documentary features the “real” footage from Winter’s actual rescue and rehabilitation. This cutting edge film showcases the stories of a few unique individuals whose lives have been completely changed by Winter. Take this opportunity to not only see how Winter’s revolutionary prosthetic tail was made, but more importantly learn how Winter has inspired humanity. 

100% of the proceeds from your purchase goes directly to supporting our mission of Rescue, Rehabilitation and Release of marine life, and the long-term care of our resident animals!

Note: These movies will only play in the USA and Canada

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2 Reviews

27th Dec 2016

Winter Mania

These movies have been such a wonderful addition to our home collection. My daughter insists on watching the movies over and over again! She loves Winter and laughs at Rufus with every silly gesture he makes, bringing tears to my eyes that my daughter has finally found something she holds so deeply important to her. She carries around her Winter dolphin while watching the movie and uses the action figures to act out scenes of the movie in her play. Winter is a very important part of our family and we are so thrilled we can see her everyday when we watch these movies!

Felipe Guadalupe 26th Dec 2014

Dolphin Tale 2 Blu-ray Combo + Winter's Real-Life Story Standard Trio

A must have collection to document the inspiring story of Winter.

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