Cozi Zuehlsdorff "Originals" CD


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Grab the iPod or MP3 and get ready to feel inspired! Cozi Zuehlsdorff's “Originals” features seven songs produced by Berdon and mixed by Grammy Award-winning mixer Craig Bauer at Hinge Studios in Los Angeles. This captivating EP blends Indie and Pop with an organic feel that will surely move you. Buy these audio tracks and use them on your mobile, iTunes library, Android device and tablets!

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12 Reviews

24th Feb 2016

Enjoyed very much.

A very easy listen and wonderful effort by the singer.

Bryant 10th Dec 2015

Surprisingly Fantastic!

Cozi has a great voice, and one that sounds older than she is. Such great music, and good lyrics. Just good tunes to listen to while driving, or have hard day at work to cheer up with!

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